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Meeting Date: Wednesday, December 07, 2005

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Special Meeting/Workshop

  1. Call to Order: 2:25 p.m.
  2. Pledge of Allegiance: Chairman Tom Lynch
  3. Public Comments: None
  4. Student Assignment Policy Workshop

  5. Minutes: Dr. Johnson stated that the purpose of this workshop is to address economic diversity and develop a policy which will be forthcoming.

    Board Members discussed the following: requested research and data for the economic diversity policy and find percentages for one particular school or the impact/range for the District (Burdick); concurrently proceed and develop a Board Policy on boundaries as well as this issue (Graham); economically diverse communities (Lynch); Palm Beach County being a unitary school district versus other districts (Robinson); requested information regarding Charlotte-Mecklenburg County School District (Robinson); data on individual child versus the overall school (Richmond); review ethnicity along with majority/minority for past academic achievement (Robinson).

    Mrs. Burdick reviewed the "Summary of Student Assignment Criteria Concerns" which is an attachment and requested the Board review this information. Dr. Johnson requested Kristin Garrison, Planning Director, summarize the information Mrs. Burdick is referring to.

    Dr. Robinson suggested that the District considers ethnicity and prior academic performance in addition to the current use of the race as apart of the majority to minority student assignment policy.

    Dr. Johnson will send additional research information to the Board in the near future.

  6. Discussion Item: BellSouth - Richmond
  7. Adjourn: 2:55 p.m.


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