Master Board Forum
January 04, 2012

1. Time: 12:05 p.m.

Roll Call
2. Attendance:

Pledge of Allegiance
3. Chairman Barbieri

Opening Comments
4. Chairman Barbieri

Workshop Item(s)
5. Master Board Forum re: Creating an Effective Performance Evaluation
Attachment: Agenda[1].pdf

Kelly Owens and Sharon Hartsell, Florida School Boards Association Facilitators, introduced themselves and provided Board Members with an overview of what will be presented in today's session. 

Ms. Owens reviewed a Power Point presentation and summarized the following topics: Desired Outcomes; Assumptions; Ground Rules; Sunshine Law; FSBA Governance Model; Vision; Structure; Accountability; Advocacy; Why Evaluate?; Current Context for Superintendent Evaluations; and Set the Example.

Board Members discussed the following topics: planning process in place; goals of the district; and background of board members.

Board Members discussed the believes this team has about the Superintendent's evaluation regarding: growth and development; communication; consequences; and tasks.

Board Members discussed in what way these beliefs are manifested in the current evaluation process and what they would like to see changed in the current process, which included: needs to be data driven; course corrections; incorporate community input; and incorporate our mission, vision and goals.

Ms. Owens presented Board Members with samples of other school districts evaluation forms, evaluation instruments and job descriptions.  Board Members reviewed the forms and discussed changes they would like to see in our district's current evaluation process.     

Board Members discussed the following changes they would like in the current superintendent job description: performance responsibility can be broadened; clearly identify educational leader as first and primary function; clarify what is meant by laws; keep Board Members advised on important issues happening in the district; more focus on balancing the budget; organize by category; and community empowerment.

Board Members discussed the following changes they would like in the current superintendent procedures and contract: personal attribute and a month after evaluation the Leadership Team reconvenes to begin for the next year.

Ms. Owens and Board Members discussed questions to consider: management/leadership; changes; how is progress measured; what to evaluate; Six Domains; Differentiated Accountability; Instruments and Evaluation Cycle; Types of Evaluation Instruments; Action Planning; and Annual Evaluation Cycle.    

6. Time: 4:05 p.m.

Minutes: For the Record - Dr. Benaim arrived at 12:25 p.m.