Board Meeting
April 16, 2008

Call to Order
1. 5:10 p.m.

Pledge of Allegiance
2. The Pledge Allegiance to the Flag and National Anthem were led by: Students from Boca Raton High School

Opening Remarks
3. Chairman Graham made opening remarks.

Approve Board Minutes
4. None

Board Member Disclosures
5. None

6. Marcus DiLallo-All-American Soccer Team
7. Boca Raton High-State NJROTC Champions
8. Downtown At the Cuillo-Education Partnership
9. The Days of Remembrance
Attachment: Days of Remembrance 2008.pdf

I recommend the School Board of Palm Beach County proclaims the week of Sunday, April 27, 2008 through Sunday, May 4, 2008, as Days of Remembrance in memory of the victims of the Holocaust, and in honor of the survivors, as well as the rescuers and liberators, and further proclaim that we, as citizens of Palm Beach County, Florida, should strive to overcome intolerance and indifference through learning and remembrance.- PASS
Vote Results
Motion: Mark Hansen
Second: Paulette Burdick
Monroe Benaim- Aye
Paulette Burdick- Aye
Bill Graham- Aye
Mark Hansen- Aye
Carrie Hill- Aye
Sandra Richmond- Aye
Debra Robinson- Aye

10. Employee Appreciation Week
Attachment: Employee Appreciation Week-April 2008 (2).pdf

I recommend the School Board of Palm Beach County proclaims April 14-18, 2008 as Employee Appreciation Week for the 21,707 School District employees.- PASS
Vote Results
Motion: Sandra Richmond
Second: Debra Robinson
Monroe Benaim- Aye
Paulette Burdick- Aye
Bill Graham- Aye
Mark Hansen- Aye
Carrie Hill- Aye
Sandra Richmond- Aye
Debra Robinson- Aye

11. Karen Clawson-Florida Siemens Award Winner
12. Karolina Bazua-3-Point State Basketball Champion
13. Julie Bollinger-State Winner The Director's Chair
14. Boca Raton High-6A State Swimming Champs
15. Michael Horgan-Teacher of The Year
16. Fair Housing Month & Workforce Housing
17. Proclamation for Water Conservation Month
Attachment: Proclamation

I recommend the Board approve proclaiming the month of April 2008 as Water Conservation Month. - PASS
Vote Results
Motion: Sandra Richmond
Second: Debra Robinson
Monroe Benaim- Aye
Paulette Burdick- Aye
Bill Graham- Aye
Mark Hansen- Aye
Carrie Hill- Aye
Sandra Richmond- Aye
Debra Robinson- Aye


18. G1 - Safe Schools - Healthy Students Initiative 2008
Attachment: Healthy Students Grant.pdf
Attachment: Data Panel SS HS Grant.pdf
Attachment: QAG1.doc
Attachment: QAG1.doc
Attachment: Alt Ed Feb 08 FTE All Sites.xls
Attachment: Alt Ed Oct FTE All Sites.xls
Attachment: QAG1.doc
19. G2-Florida Department of Education Project Application - Competitive Grant to School Districts
Attachment: Haitian Grant.pdf
Attachment: Haitian Grant .1.pdf
Attachment: BOARD-DATA-ITEM.xls
Charter Schools

20. CS1-Approval of the Renewal Application of Western Academy Charter School
Attachment: Exhibit B - App. Sections.pdf
Attachment: Exhibit A - App. Eval. Instrument.pdf
Attachment: Exhibit D - Data Panels.pdf
Attachment: Legal Checklist.pdf
Attachment: Exhibit C - App. Overview Process.pdf
Attachment: QACS1.doc
Attachment: 1002.33 (10)(e).doc
Attachment: 1003.03 class size.doc

21. AC1-SpringBoard Subscription Agreement Amendment 2
Attachment: Data Panel SpringBoard Subscription Agreement.xls
Attachment: SpringBoard Amendment 2.pdf
Attachment: QAAC1.doc
Attachment: SpringBoard Legal Sign Off.pdf
22. AC2-Cooperative Agreement with SP Behavioral, LLC, DBA Sandy Pines Hospital
Attachment: Sandy Pines Data Panel.pdf
Attachment: Sandy Pines Business Assoc Agreement.pdf
Attachment: Sandy Pines Policies & Procedures.pdf
Attachment: Sandy Pines Contract Review Checklist.pdf
Attachment: Sandy Pines Cooperative Agreement.pdf
23. AC3-Lease Agreement with St. John Missionary Baptist Church (Boynton Beach Alternative to Out of School Suspension [ATOSS ])
Attachment: St. John ATS Lease Document.pdf
Attachment: Data Panel ATS St. John Church.xls
Attachment: QAAC3.doc
Attachment: Legal Checklist St John.pdf
Attachment: QAAC3.doc

24. PD1-Consider Approval of the Master Inservice Plan
Attachment: Board Meeting Data Panel.pdf
Attachment: Early Childhood Conscious Discipline.pdf
Attachment: Acquisition Component Part 2.pdf
Attachment: Brain Gym.pdf
Attachment: Driving Safety Component.pdf
Attachment: Initiating Implementing in Title 1 Schools.pdf
Attachment: Integrating Student Assessment.pdf
Attachment: Integration of Career Component.pdf
Attachment: Job Hazard Component.pdf
Attachment: Leadership and Supervisory Skills.pdf
Attachment: New Educators.pdf
Attachment: Ruby Payne.pdf
Attachment: Trade Skills Component.pdf
Attachment: Train the Trainer Component.pdf
Attachment: Trends that Increase Performance.pdf
Attachment: Understanding Workers' Compensation Component.pdf
Attachment: Workplace Harassment.pdf
Attachment: Workplace Safety Component.pdf
Attachment: QAPD1.doc
25. PD2-Personnel Agenda
Attachment: April 16 Agenda.pdf

26. T - 1 Consider Disposal of Salvage and Surplus Vehicles
27. T - 2 Consider Transfer of Surplus Buses
Attachment: BritFutBus Request.pdf
Attachment: Agreement for Transfer of Surplus Buses.pdf
Attachment: QAT2.doc
Attachment: CkList AcadIntlStudies.pdf
Labor Agreements/Contracts

28. LA1 - 2008 Amendment to the SEIU/FPSU 2005-2008 Collective Bargaining Agreement
Attachment: 2008 Amendment to FPSU 2005-2008 Supervisory Labor Contract.pdf
Attachment: 2008 Amendment to FPSU 2005-2008Regular Labor Contract.pdf
Attachment: 2008 Amendment to FPSU Para II 2005-2008 Labor Contract.pdf
Attachment: QALA1.doc
Program Management

29. Project Modification Chart - FYI Informational Chart ONLY
Attachment: PM Chart.pdf
30. PM1 Jupiter Old ES School Project Modifications
Attachment: Jupiter (Old) ES Capacity Utilization Table.pdf
Attachment: Jupiter (Old) ES Facility Space Summary.pdf
Attachment: Jupiter (Old) ES Budget History.pdf
Attachment: Jupiter (Old) ES Data Panel.pdf
Attachment: Jupiter (Old) ES Site Plan.pdf
31. PM2 Royal Palm School Project Modifications
Attachment: Royal Palm Facility Space Summary.pdf
Attachment: Royal Palm Site Plan.pdf
Attachment: Royal Palm Budget History.pdf
Attachment: QAPM2.doc
Attachment: QAPM2.doc
32. PM3 Tradewinds MS (98-II) Project Modifications
Attachment: Tradewinds MS (98-II) Capacity Utilization Table.pdf
Attachment: Tradewinds MS (98-II) Facility Space Summary.pdf
Attachment: Tradewinds MS (98-II) Budget History.pdf
Attachment: Tradewinds MS (98-II) Data Panel.pdf
Attachment: Tradewinds MS (98-II) Site Plan.pdf
33. PM6 D.D. Eisenhower ES Project Modifications
Attachment: D.D. Eisenhower ES Capacity Utilization Table.pdf
Attachment: D.D. Eisenhower ES Facility Space Summary.pdf
Attachment: D.D. Eisenhower ES Data Panel.pdf
Attachment: D.D. Eisenhower ES Site Plan.pdf
Attachment: D.D. Eisenhower ES Budget History.pdf
Attachment: QAPM6.doc
Attachment: QAPM6.doc
34. PM7 John I. Leonard HS Project Modifications
Attachment: John I. Leonard HS Capacity Utilization Table.pdf
Attachment: John I. Leonard HS Data Panel.pdf
Attachment: John I. Leonard HS Facility Space Summary.pdf
Attachment: John I. Leonard HS Budget History.pdf
Attachment: John I. Leonard HS Site Plan.pdf
Attachment: QAPM7.doc
Attachment: QAPM7.doc
Attachment: John I Leonard - April 2008.pdf
Real Estate

35. RE-1 Lake Worth HS/Lake Osborne Community Center Lease
Attachment: Lease Agreement.pdf
Attachment: Checklist.pdf
36. RE-2 L.C. Swain MS-Approve Lease Agreement/Braman Honda Palm Beach
Attachment: LC Swain Checklist.pdf
Attachment: LC Swain Interest and Disclosure.pdf
Attachment: LC Swain Lease Agreement.pdf
Attachment: Exhibit II.pdf
Attachment: LC Swain Exhibit I.pdf
Attachment: QARE2.doc

37. P1 Approve the purchase of perpetual license for BCV5 DB2 Mainframe Software
Attachment: Enterprise Systems Legal Checklist.pdf
Attachment: Enterprise Systems Beneficial Interest.pdf
Attachment: Enterprise Systems Software License Agmt.pdf
Attachment: Enterprise Systems Pricing.pdf

38. CP-1 New and Renewal of Prequalified Vendors
Attachment: renewal vendors to present.pdf
Attachment: PRE-QUALIFIED VENDORS 3-2008.pdf
Attachment: new vendors to present.pdf
39. CP-2 Renewal of Survey Engineering on Continuing Contract
Attachment: KeithSchnarsBeneficial.pdf
Attachment: ExeAgreeKeithSchnars.pdf
Attachment: A&B Beneficial.pdf
Attachment: ExeAgreeAdair.pdf
Attachment: ExeAgreeBowyer.pdf
Attachment: ExeAgreeHeller.pdf
Attachment: Arcadis Beneficial.pdf
Attachment: HellerWeaverBeneficial.pdf
Attachment: A and B Survey Chedklist Second Amendment.pdf
Attachment: BowyerBeneficial.pdf
Attachment: ExeAgreeArcadis.pdf
Attachment: Arcadis Survey Second Amendment.pdf
Attachment: Arcadis Survey Checklist Second Amendment.pdf
Attachment: Bower Singleton Survey Checklist Second Amendment.pdf
Attachment: Bowyer Singleton Survey Second AMendment.pdf
Attachment: Heller Weaver Survey Checklist Second Amendment.pdf
Attachment: HellerWeaver Survey Second Amendment.pdf
Attachment: KeithSchnars Survey Checklist Second Amendment.pdf
Attachment: KeithSchnars Survey Second Amendment.pdf
Attachment: A and B Survey Second Amendment.pdf
40. CP-3 Renewal of Walkway Canopy for Various Schools throughout the School District
Attachment: Walker Beneficial.pdf
Attachment: ExeAgreement WALKER DESIGN & CONSTRUCTION CO..pdf
Attachment: Amendment Walkway Canopy Walker Const.pdf
Attachment: Walker Design Walkway Canopy Checklist.pdf
41. CP-4 Renewal of General Contractor Services
Attachment: DECON GC EXE AGR 1ST AMEND.pdf
Attachment: KAUFMAN LYNN GC ExeAgr 1stAmend.pdf
Attachment: M.A.C. GC EXE AGR 1ST Amend.pdf
Attachment: Decon Second Amemdment Checklist.pdf
Attachment: CORAL TECH GC ExeAgr 1stAmend.pdf
Attachment: Hedrick Bros GC ExeAgree 1stAmend.pdf
Attachment: DipompeoGC ExeAgree 1stAmend.pdf
Attachment: DiPompeo Second Amendment Checklist.pdf
Attachment: H.A. CONTR GC ExeAgr 1stAmend.pdf
Attachment: Weiss GC ExeAgr 1stAmend.pdf
Attachment: Coral Tech Second Amendment General Contracting.pdf
Attachment: Coral Tech Second Amendment Checklist.pdf
Attachment: Decon Second Amendment General Contracting.pdf
Attachment: DiPompeo Second Amendment General Contracting.pdf
Attachment: HA Second Amendment General Contracting.pdf
Attachment: H.A. Second Amendment Checklist.pdf
Attachment: Hedrick Second Amendment General Contracting.pdf
Attachment: Hedrick Second Amendment Checklist.pdf
Attachment: Kaufman Second Amendment General Contracting.pdf
Attachment: M A C Second Amendment Checklist.pdf
Attachment: Weiss Second Amendment General Contracting.pdf
Attachment: Weiss Second Amendment Checklist.pdf
Attachment: Coral Tech Bene.pdf
Attachment: DECON BENEFICIAL.pdf
Attachment: DiPompeo Bene.pdf
Attachment: HA BENEFICIAL.pdf
Attachment: KaufmanLynnBeneficial.pdf
Attachment: WEISS BENEFICIAL.pdf
Attachment: MAC Second Amendment General Contracting.pdf
Attachment: Kaufman Second Amendment Checklist.pdf
Attachment: MAC BENEFICIAL.pdf
42. CP-5 Amend the CM Agreement for Wellington Elementary Classroom Addition
Attachment: Exhibit A from Wellington Elem Ed Spec.pdf
Attachment: Wellington Facility Summary.pdf
Attachment: Wellington ES Capacity Utilization.pdf
Attachment: Wellington EL Data Panel.pdf
Attachment: Exhibit Z Wellington ES GMP Phase II.pdf
Attachment: WES A0-0 SITE PLAN 07 10 11.pdf
Attachment: SuffolkBeneficialWellingtonES.pdf
Attachment: ExeAgrSuffolkWellingtonESwithFirstAmend.pdf
Attachment: PPE Suffolk WES.pdf
Attachment: WES A0-0 SITE PLAN 07 10 11.pdf
Attachment: Suffolk Wellington ES Second Amendment Checklist.pdf
Attachment: Second Amendment Wellington Elementary School Addition.pdf
Consultant Contracts

43. Consultant Matrix FYI Informational Only
Attachment: Consultant Matrix.pdf
44. CC1 Consultant Contract for Mangco, Inc. (Dave Mangatal)
Attachment: Mangco Contract.pdf
Attachment: Mangco Beneficial Interest.pdf
Attachment: Mangco Legal Checklist.pdf
Attachment: Mangco Previous Evaluation.pdf
Attachment: Mangco Data Panel and Details.pdf
45. CC2 Consultant Contract for Ralph J. Milone
Attachment: Ralph J Milone Legal Checklist.pdf
Attachment: Ralph J Milone Previous Evaluation.pdf
Attachment: Ralph J Milone Contract.pdf
Attachment: Ralph J Milone Beneficial Interest.pdf
Attachment: Ralph J Milone Data Panel.pdf
Attachment: QACC2.doc
46. CC3 Amendment to the Consultant Contract for First Choice Basketball Association
Attachment: First Choice Basketball Amendments and Contract.pdf
Attachment: First Choice Basketball Previous Evaluation.pdf
Attachment: First Choice Basketball Legal Checklist.pdf
Attachment: Data Panel Middle School After School(1).pdf
Attachment: First Choice Basketball Beneficial Interest.pdf
47. CC4 Amendment to Consultant Contract for Mr. Mike Raffone, Inc.
Attachment: Mr. Mike Raffone Amendments and Contract.pdf
Attachment: Mr. Mike Raffone Beneficial Interest.pdf
Attachment: Mr. Mike Raffone Previous Evaluation.pdf
Attachment: Mr. Mike Raffone Legal Checklist.pdf
Attachment: Data Panel Middle School After School(1).pdf
48. CC5 Amendment to Consultant Contract for Grace Pernetti
Attachment: Grace Pernetti Amendments and Contract.pdf
Attachment: Grace Pernetti Beneficial Interest.pdf
Attachment: Grace Pernetti Legal Checklist.pdf
Attachment: Grace Pernetti Previous Evaluation.pdf
Attachment: Data Panel Grace Pernetti FY08.pdf
49. CC6 Amendment to Consultant Contract for McCormick Tribune Center for Early Childhood Leadership
Attachment: McCormick Tribune Beneficial Interest.pdf
Attachment: McCormick Tribune Data Panel.pdf
Attachment: McCormick Tribune Legal Checklists.pdf
Attachment: McCormick Tribune Amendment and Contract.pdf
Financial Management

50. FM1 - Signatories For School Internal Bank Account
Attachment: April 16, 2008.pdf
Attachment: QAFM1.doc
51. FM2 Second Quarter Interim Financial Statements
Attachment: Q1_FS_-_FINAL_9-30-2007.pdf
Attachment: Q2_FS_-_FINAL_12-31-2007.pdf

52. IN1 Workers' Compensation /#PR 142874
53. IN2 Auto Liability /Marcos Ramirez 648527

Naming of Schools
55. NS1 - Consider naming of Elementary School "03-z", Boynton Beach, Florida

I recommend that the School Board approve Sunset Palms Elementary School as the name of Elementary School 03-Z.- PASS
Vote Results
Motion: Monroe Benaim
Second: Mark Hansen
Monroe Benaim- Aye
Paulette Burdick- Aye
Bill Graham- Aye
Mark Hansen- Aye
Carrie Hill- Aye
Sandra Richmond- Aye
Debra Robinson- Aye

Student Government Report
56. Student Representative


Announced that the last Student Government Meeting was held at Wellington High School and two of four Resolutions were passed.  She thanked the Board for the opportunity to serve as Student Representative.

Delegations\Individual Appearances
57. Elected Officials: None
58. Delegations: Mike Stanley; Theo Harris
59. Agenda Item Speakers: Jan Porter

Approval of Consent Agenda
60. Consent Agenda

I recommend the Board approve the consent agenda as submitted.- PASS
Vote Results
Motion: Paulette Burdick
Second: Mark Hansen
Monroe Benaim- Aye
Paulette Burdick- Aye
Bill Graham- Aye
Mark Hansen- Aye
Carrie Hill- Aye
Sandra Richmond- Aye
Debra Robinson- Aye

Commitee Reports
61. Audit Committee Report - None
62. Construction Oversight and Review Committee (CORC):

Minutes: Frank Simon reviewed the following issues from the last CORC Meeting:  Construction items on the agenda this evening; Program Management items on the agenda this evening; items for the 4/23 Construction Meeting; advised that they are participating in future planning for green schools.
63. Finance Committee Report:

Minutes: Mr. Graham provided a financial update from a meeting he attended with LeAnne earlier this month.
64. Superintendent's Report:

Minutes: Dr. Johnson presented a report on the following:  appreciated all of the F-CAT volunteers; announced all of the awards received by employees; recognized St. Baldwicks participants; referred to a web site to assist parents with cyber bullying; announced that the school calendar was approved by Board; announced that the Superintendent's Evaluation was done prior to the Board Meeting and thanked his family for their support; introduced Kathryn Coerner as a new Principal.

Unfinished Business
65. None

Policy Review
66. None

Legal Review
67. None

68. E1 - Expulsion of Student No.: 07/08-X-094
Attachment: X-094 (2).pdf (Confidential Item)

New Business

69. PD3 - Personnel Addendum
Attachment: April 16 Addendum.pdf
Program Management

70. PM4 Plumosa ES Project Modifications
Attachment: Plumosa ES Capacity Utilization Table.pdf
Attachment: Plumosa ES Facility Space Summary.pdf
Attachment: Plumosa ES Budget History.pdf
Attachment: Plumosa ES Data Panel.pdf
Attachment: Plumosa ES Site Plan.pdf
Attachment: QAPM4.doc
Attachment: QAPM4.doc
Attachment: Galaxy_Plumosa_Forest Park - Option 3.pdf
Attachment: QAPM4.doc

I recommend the School Board approve Project Modifications in the amount of $196,000.00 to Tercilla, Courtemanche Architects, Inc for Plumosa Elementary School, Modernization Project, and authorize the Chairman and Superintendent to execute all related contract documents.- PASS
Vote Results
Motion: Debra Robinson
Second: Sandra Richmond
Monroe Benaim- Aye
Paulette Burdick- Nay
Bill Graham- Aye
Mark Hansen- Aye
Carrie Hill- Aye
Sandra Richmond- Nay
Debra Robinson- Aye

71. PM5 West Palm Beach Area ES (06-D) Project Modifications
Attachment: WPB Area ES (06-D) Budget History.pdf
Attachment: WPB Area ES (06-D) Capacity Utilization Table.pdf
Attachment: WPB Area ES (06-D) Facility Space Summary.pdf
Attachment: QAPM5.doc

I recommend the School Board approve Project Modifications in the amount of $162,500.00 to Zyscovich Architects for West Palm Beach Area Elementary School (06-D), New School Project #400000006, and authorize the Chairman and Superintendent to execute all related contract documents.- PASS
Vote Results
Motion: Debra Robinson
Second: Monroe Benaim
Monroe Benaim- Aye
Paulette Burdick- Nay
Bill Graham- Aye
Mark Hansen- Aye
Carrie Hill- Aye
Sandra Richmond- Nay
Debra Robinson- Aye


72. B1 Budget Amendments - February 2008
Attachment: QAB1.doc
Attachment: February 2008 Amendments.pdf

I recommend the School Board approve the following budget amendments for FY2008.- PASS
Vote Results
Motion: Paulette Burdick
Second: Sandra Richmond
Monroe Benaim- Aye
Paulette Burdick- Aye
Bill Graham- Aye
Mark Hansen- Aye
Carrie Hill- Aye
Sandra Richmond- Aye
Debra Robinson- Aye

Non-Agenda Speakers
73. Time Certain 7:00 p.m.

Minutes: Lillian Cortina; Diane Allerdyce; Barry Silver; Carl House; Beverly Bell-Profitt; Roger Amidon; Harrison Hine; Jack Redinger; Jessica Lennon; Melanie Fontaine; Maureen Flannigan; John Paul Flannigan; Brian French; Patricia French; Joseph Bernadel; Joan Davis; Megan Price; Steven Kruger; Joan Steigman; Brittany Hicks; Shawn Taggart; Cindy Black; Diane Lennon; Patricia Joyce; Curtis Sherrod; Kelsey Joyce; Bill Ashley; Kelsey Dyce; Dieunet Demosthene; Emerald Monlouis; Miguerson Joseph; Cassandra Hyacinth; Kirk Rood; Calvin Wolcott; Eugene Martel; Jeff Cashton.

Board Discussion Item
74. None

75. 7:30 p.m.