Attorney Client re Alternative Unlimited 03-06-13 at 2pm
March 06, 2013

1. Time 2:00 p.m.

Minutes: Chairman Shaw called this meeting to order and announced that the meeting will now take place in Training Room B.  We will also be doing a Risk Management Session.  Sheryl Woood requested advice regarding litigation matter regarding expenditures. 

Roll Call
2. Attendance


District 1 Mike Murgio – Present

District 2 Chuck Shaw – Present  

District 3 Karen Brill - ABSENT

District 4 Jennifer Prior Brown - Present

District 5 Frank Barbieri - Present

District 6 Marcia Andrews - Present

District 7 Debra Robinson – Present

Also present were Superintendent E. Wayne Gent; and General Counsel Sheryl Wood; School District Attorneys Blair Littlejohn and Kalinthia Dillard and the Court Reporter. 

Board Report
3. Attorney Client Session re: Alternatives Unlimited

Minutes: Closed Session

4. Time 2:30 p.m.