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New Business - Curriculum/Learning Support

Title: Final Expenditures to Discover Palm Beach County, Inc.


  • Every year, the Division of Safety and Learning Environment, along with community partners conduct the Millennium Conference, a motivational and inspiring event for middle and high school leadership students. 


  • The total bill for the Youth Millennium held in January of 2004 is $10,187. 
  • The Safety Council of Palm Beach County, Inc. paid $6,655.83. 
  • The remaining balance submitted for payment is $3,531.17.


I recommend that the School Board authorize the payment of the final expenditures between the School District of Palm Beach County and Discover Palm Beach County, Inc.

Financial Impact:
The financial impact is approximately $3,531.17 from the Safe & Drug Free Schools Grant.

For Additional Information, contact:

Ann Killets (akillets@palmbeach.k12.fl.us)

Alison Adler

Attachments (list):
Data Panels Districtwide FY05.xls

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