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New Business - Consultant Contracts

Title: Consultant Contract Amendment with Glass Productions, Inc.


The Consultant shall perform the following services:  Introduce students to “Confidence Building” interactivities including: juggling, balloon-o-rama, clowning and drama along with Special Events including relay events, game shows and special performances.  The reason for this request is that additional Middles Schools have scheduled activities throughout the school year thus increasing contract from $21,000 to $56,000.


Evaluator: Alison Adler, Chief Safety & Learning Environment 


Minority Status:  White Female


I recommend award of the consultant contract amendment with Glass Productions, Inc. and authorize the Superintendent and Board Chairman to sign all needed documents.

Financial Impact:

Authorized Amount this Request:  $35,000


Previously Authorized Amount Year-to-Date:  $30,900


Total Authorized Amount if Request approved:  $65,900


Fund Source:  Operating Budget –

                        Palm Beach County Parks &

                        Recreation Funding

For Additional Information, contact:

Joseph M. Moore, MooreJ@PalmBeach.k12.fl.us


Alison Adler


Attachments (list):
Glass Productions Inc Amendment Consultant Contract.pdf
Glass Productions Inc Previous Evaluation.pdf
Glass Productions Inc Beneficial Interest.pdf
Glass Productions Inc Data Panel.pdf
Glass Productions Inc Legal Contract Check List.pdf

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