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New Business - Purchasing

Title: Agreement with School Bus Media, Inc.


Approve the Agreement with School Bus Media, Inc. to provide commercial messages and public-service announcements on the interior of school buses.


       The School District of Putnam County, on behalf of the North East Florida Educational Consortium, solicited requests for qualifications for qualified vendors.  The contract was awarded to School Bus Advertising dba School Bus Media, Inc.


      The School Board of Miami-Dade County approved a contract with this company at their October 20, 2004, Board meeting.


      The District has expressed interest in raising revenue by providing public service announcements and commercial messages in the interior of school buses.  There would be up to six commercial messages and two public-service announcements located inside each school bus.   A District Committee will review and approve all ads prior to their use.


       A negotiated agreement has been reached with School Bus Media, Inc. located at 6400 South Dixie Highway, Miami, Florida.  A copy of the contract is attached.


       The term of the agreement shall be for five years with two three-year optional renewal periods.


      The Board shall receive a quarterly payment equal to 25% of the gross revenues less broker fees for years one-three; 26% for year four and 27% for year five.  


       The contractor will install, maintain, repair, remove and do all work at no cost to the School District.




I recommend that the School Board approve the Agreement with School Bus Media, Inc. and authorize the Superintendent and Board Chairman to sign all needed documents.

Financial Impact:
This is a revenue item.  Estimated revenue schedule is attached.

For Additional Information, contact:

Joseph Moore, jmoore@palmbeach,k12.fl.us, Bob Riley

Attachments (list):
SBM Projected Revenues.xls
Bus Advertising Contract.pdf
Executive Summary for bus advertisements.doc
Advertising Catagories 5-3-04.jpg

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