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New Business - Grants

Title: G8-Pew Foundation Administrative Incentive Grant

I recommend that the School Board approve the Pew Administrative Incentive Grant in the amount of $40,000, effective June 28, 2007 to June 30, 2008, and authorize the Superintendent or designee to sign all documents and contracts related to the grant which are required for implementation of the grant activities.                   


This grant is to provide $5,000 for each of the four restructuring principals to be used for professional development of their choice in Leadership. Professional Development must be completed during the summer/fall of FY08 (June 2007 through November 2007.) The four restructuring principals are located at Glades Central Community High School, Lincoln Elementary School, Pahokee Middle Senior and West Riviera Elementary.

Additionally, the principals will be able to earn a $5,000 incentive provided they meet the following criteria as evidenced by the June 2008 test results.

$2500 upon meeting the 4 year criteria for Adequate Yearly Progress:
School grade of C or better;
Increase writing scores by 1% or more;
Increase graduation rate by 1% or more; and
Participation rate in ALL subgroups must be 95% or above

$2500 upon decreasing  the percentage of students scoring Level 1 in Reading and/or Math by 20%

Grantee must  furnish to the Pew Fund a final report due August 30, 2008. Information to be provided are the financial statement, a narrative account of what was accomplished by the expenditures of funds and a report on the retention of  principals and teachers. The Fund reserves the right to withdraw this grant if there is a change in the leadership needed to support the success of this initiative.

Financial Impact:
The financial impact to FY 2008 Special Revenue - Other Funds Budget is an increase of $40,000.  These funds will be allocated to the NCLB/Federal Grants department budget.  All grant related expenditures and contracts are authorized for payment up to the amount of revenue.

For Additional Information, contact:
Ann Killets (akillets@palmbeach.k12.fl.us)
Marc Baron
Kay W. Scott

Attachments (list):
PEW Data Panel.pdf
PEW Foundation Proposal.pdf
PEW Grant Award Notification.pdf

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