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Title: P2 Maintenance Agreement with Advanced Data Systems


I recommend approval of the maintenance agreement for document imaging software between Advanced Data Systems and authorize the Superintendent and Board Chairman to sign all necessary documents.


P2 Approve Maintenance Agreement with Advanced Data Systems.


· The document imaging system allows electronic storage and retrieval of scanned District documents thereby automating record storage and business processes.


· The system is used to store and retrieve mission critical public and student records in every department in the Divisions of Human Resources and Facilities Management, plus the departments of School Improvement, Legal Services, Construction Purchasing, Payroll, Employee Benefits & Risk Management, and IT/Records Management.


· The system is integrated with PeopleSoft so principals and others hiring staff can view employer reference documents from within PeopleSoft.


·   The system has evolved and expanded since it began in 1997 with 30 users. Today, every PeopleSoft user can view images. There are over 12 million documents and images currently stored in the system.


·   The maintenance agreement will provide services on all document imaging, scanning, storage, retrieval and full text search software.


·   Support and maintenance coverage includes on-site service, software troubleshooting and software upgrades and patches.


·   The maintenance fees covers the period from May 1, 2007 – April 30, 2009.


·   The District has been satisfied with the quality and cost effectiveness of Advanced Data Systems’ work.


Financial Impact:
The financial impact is $300,000 over a 2 year period. The source of funds is the capital budget.

For Additional Information, contact:
Joseph Moore, (moorej@palmbeach.k12.fl.us)

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