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Title: P1 Certified Athletic Trainers for FY 08

I recommend approval of the standard contract for Certified Athletic Trainers for the FY 08 school year in the not-to-exceed amount of $502,500.

Description: P1 Approve Standard Agreement for Certified Athletic Trainers for FY 08


      Individual high schools through the athletic director and/or principal will select an athletic trainer for their school to cover sports (boys and girls).


       Athletic trainers must be certified by the National Athletic Trainers Association (N.A.T.A.) and licensed in Florida.


       The District will compensate each athletic trainer up to $22,500 ($15,000 for those with fewer sports) per high school based upon 1,000 hours of service of which a minimum of 250 hours will be allocated to each of the three sports seasons (fall, winter, spring); schools having fewer sports and teams will compensate the trainers based upon the hours needed.                                                     


       The athletic trainers will work with the athletes and coaches based upon individual needs at the school. Practice, game and event coverage will be coordinated and schedules agreed upon by both parties.  Special attention will be given to those sports with the most potential for injuries (football, soccer, basketball and wrestling) but not to the exclusion of any other sport.


       Professional liability and comprehensive general liability insurance are required from all athletic trainers / providers as indicated in the contract.


          A sample standard contract between the School Board of Palm Beach County and a medical provider / athletic trainer is attached that includes a Hold Harmless clause.


       The contract period is August 1, 2007 through July 31, 2008.              

Financial Impact:
The financial impact to the General Fund Budget is estimated at $502,500.  The source of funds is various high schools budgets.

For Additional Information, contact:

Joseph Moore (moorej@palmbeach.k12.fl.us)


Brenda Magee


Yetta Green  

Attachments (list):
Athletic Trainer Contract.pdf
Athletic Trainer Addendum.pdf
Athletic Trainer Legal Checklist.pdf

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