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Title: Phi Delta Kappa Scholarships

Description: Phi Delta Kappa International, the premier professional association for educators, was founded on January 24, 1906, and since its founding, this member-based association has served more than 500,000 members in communities across the United States and abroad.  The mission of Phi Delta Kappa International is to promote high-quality education, in particular publicly, supported education.  One of the ways this mission is accomplished is through the Prospective Educator Scholarships Program.  The Palm Beach County Chapter of Phi Delta Kappa International supports this program and is awarding $1,500 scholarships to two seniors from two of our Teachers Academies, each of whom shares the goal to become a teacher.
We congratulate Kimberly Brianna Guido from Wellington High School and Jimeka Williams from Santaluces High School.

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For Additional Information, contact:

Ann Killets
Nat Harrington

Vickie Middlebrooks

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