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Title: CS1 Termination of Life Skills Center - Glades Area


I recommend that the School Board accept the voluntary termination of Life Skills Center - Glades Area, effective May 17, 2007.


Life Skills Center - Glades Area has requested the termination of its "Charter."


Attached is the Notice of Termination and Exhibit A, the Charter School's Notification Letter.


Life Skills Center - Glades Area does not have a Data Panel because the school has never opened for service to students.


A copy of the Life Skills Contract is on file in the Board Office for your review.


Financial Impact:

There is no financial impact to the District.

For Additional Information, contact:

Ann Killets/(akillets@palmbeach.k12.fl.us)

Janice S. Cover

Juanita W. Edwards

Attachments (list):
Exhibit A.pdf
Notice of Termination.pdf

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