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New Business - Labor Agreements/Contracts

Title: LA1 Cooperative Agreement between the School District and CTA


I recommend that the School Board approve increasing the budget of authorization for support of the Palm Beach County Classroom Teachers (CTA) Association sponsored Educational Research and Dissemination Program (ER&D).


Pursuant to School Board approval, the District entered into a cooperative agreement with CTA for implementation of the ER&D professional development component. This professional development initiative is composed of six (6) in-service courses specifically designed to enhance the teaching skills of educators assigned to work with low performing students. The in-service courses include Foundations I, Reading Endorsement, Thinking Mathematics I, Instructional Strategies That Work, and Managing Anti-Social Behavior. 


The initial authorization ($40,000) funded the training of a cadre of 36 CTA selected teachers (Trainers) during the summer and winter of 2006. The workshops were conducted by the Florida Education Association.


The additional funds requested here will be earmarked for the development and publishing of training materials and the continuing training of ER&D Trainers


Financial Impact:
The financial impact is approximately $36,000.00.

For Additional Information, contact:

Joseph M. Moore - (moorej@palmbeach.k12.fl.us)

James Hayes, Jr. - (hayesja@palmbeach.k12.fl.us)

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