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New Business - Consultant Contracts

Title: CC1 Consultant Contract for Kristell Jones-Turner

I recommend award of the Consultant contract with Kristell Jones-Turner for $4,900.00 effective May 17, 2007 through June  30, 2007 and authorize the Superintendent and Board Chairman to sign all needed documents.

Description: CC1 Consultant shall perform the following services: Research current effective education practices.  Develop curriculum for high school late start meetings.

Financial Impact:

Authorized Amount this Request:   $4,900.00

Previously Authorized Amount Year-to-Date:   $9,975.00

Total Authorized Amount if this Request Approved:  $14,875.00

Fund Source:  Special Revenue Fund
                    Consultant Services

For Additional Information, contact:

Joseph Moore, MooreJ@palmbeach.k12.fl.us

Alison Adler, Chief, Safety and Learning Environment

Attachments (list):
Kristell Jones Turner Contract.pdf
Kristell Jones Turner Beneficial Interest.pdf
Kristell Jones Turner Previous Evaluation.pdf
Kristell Jones Turner Legal Checklist.pdf
Data Panel.pdf
CF proposal (2).doc

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