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Title: CLS1-Out of county Field Trip Request for Gold Coast


I recommend that the School Board approve an educational trip for Gold Coast School of Choice students to travel to Nassau, Bahamas, June 2-5, 2006 to study and experience the culture and to observe geological features of the country.


A group of 16 students will be chaperoned by four school board employees and four parents. (The Cruise Line requires this adult/student ratio)  The group will depart from Palm Beach County to Port of Miami on Friday, June 2, 2006 and will return on Monday, June 5, 2005.  The students & chaperones will be traveling on Carnival Cruise Line.

The trip is for students who have made a significant turn around and/or excelled academically.  Nassau, Bahamas has been a part of our Social Studies Curriculum and this trip will go hand-in-hand with the real life experiences. For the past six years, Gold Coast has been enhancing its curriculum with trips abroad for their students.

The total cost of the trip is $9,600.00.  A fundraiser, donations and internal accounts will fund the trip for the students.

The benefits to the district include:

      Broaden Student/teacher cultural, geological awareness

      Acquire an appreciation for other cultures

      First-hand experience in a variety of geological and cultural settings

Financial Impact:

Cost to the District is $9600.00 from Gold Coast's internal funds.

For Additional Information, contact:

Dorothy McKinon/Rod Montgomery/Ann Killets (akillets@palmbeach.k12.fl.us)

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