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New Business - Insurance

Title: IN3 Workers' Compensation /MG 548322

I recommend that the School Board approve the Worker's Compensation claim #MG 548322 in the amount of $115,000 representing compensation, attorneys' fees and costs and authorize the execution of all related documents.  This settlement will finalize all outstanding issues.


The Settlement of this claim was recommended by the District's outside counsel and claim adjusters and has been approved by the Chief Counsel, Chief Financial Officer and Director of Employee Benefits and Risk Management as required by District Policy #6.09.

A now 67 year old teacher sustained neck and back injuries when she was caught up in a student scuffle and was struck by a chair.  Her  injuries prevented her from returning to the classroom; a claim of permanent and total disability is anticipated.

The District has paid over $88,000 in medical benefits, wage loss and expenses to date.  Future exposure is estimated at over $396,000.  Excess reimbursement is not anticipated; the retention is $500,000 in accordance with the contract.

 The settlement will extinguish all future liabilities.

Financial Impact:
The financial  impact to the District for this settlement is $115,000.  The source of funds is the General Fund.

For Additional Information, contact:
Joseph M. Moore (moorej@palmbeach.k12.fl.us)/ Dianne L. Howard

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