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New Business - Purchasing

Title: P11 Art / History Social Studies Program


I recommend approval of the purchase of the comprehensive instructional history /art project from Art In History and authorize the Superintendent and Board Chairman to sign all necessary documents.



P11  Approve the purchase of  the comprehensive instructional history / art project from Art In History for the not-to-exceed amount of $43,000.


       Art In History is the owner of the copyright and sole distributor of this product.


       Multicultural Education has developed a staff development program for Social Studies teachers utilizing Program for LEP students who gain greater comprehensible input through hands-on activities in small learning groups. 


       Art In History produces individual art project for cultural and historical events.  Teachers will integrate          these hands-on art products at significant times of the year.  The program will impact 22 teachers and over 2,000 students.


       Art In History is the only company found that incorporates kinesthetic learning styles, reading practice, art integration, and historical content and application all in one comprehensive program.

Financial Impact:
The financial impact to the Title I Budget is estimated at $43,000.  There is no financial impact to the District operating budget.  The source of funds is Title I funds allocated to the Multicultural Education Department.

For Additional Information, contact:

Joseph M. Moore (moorej@palmbeach.k12.fl.us)

Margarita Pinkos

Attachments (list):
Art In History.pdf

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