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Title: RE2 03-OOO New Greater West Palm Beach/Lake Worth High School

I recommend the School Board approve the Real Estate Sale and Purchase Contract and Addendum for acquisition of improved and vacant parcels of land containing approximately 9.74 acres, more or less, located South of Lake Worth Road on East side of Lyons Road, Unincorporated Palm Beach County, which properties shall be designated for the New Greater West Palm Beach/Lake Worth High School (03-OOO) as herein described; approve a Post Closing Occupancy Agreement; approve a Resolution declaring structure(s) located on the property to be acquired by the School Board to be unnecessary for Educational purposes, surplus and without commercial value; and authorize the Superintendent and Chairman to sign all necessary documents.


  • The FY 2006-2010 Five Year Plan includes the construction of a New High School 03-OOO.


  • The School will provide relief for John I. Leonard High School, Lake Worth High School, and Forest Hill High School.


  • The assemblage contains 56.41 acres, more or less.


  • The Contract price is $3,442,808.80.  The averaged value of the two appraisals is $3,294,072.90.


  • The Post Occupancy Agreement permits the Seller to remain on the property until May 1, 2007.


  • The Seller will indemnify the School Board from any liability following closing.


  • The property owner was an unwilling Seller and engaged the services of an attorney.  Staff was able to negotiate a settlement with the owner’s attorney.


  • The settlement includes sellers attorney fees and other associated costs in a not to exceed amount of $16,329.00.


  • By approving this item the Board is affirming that if the staff is unable to successfully negotiate a contract for the acquisition of the property, the Board is prepared to acquire this property through the use of its eminent domain power pursuant to Florida Statute §1013.24.


Demolition Costs: $25,000.00.

Financial Impact:
The financial impact to the Project's Budget is $3,484,137.80.

For Additional Information, contact:
Joseph M. Moore (moorej@palmbeach.k12.fl.us)
Joseph M. Sanches

Attachments (list):
RE2 Exhibit A 03-OOO High School.pdf
RE2 Exhibit A-1 03-OOO High School 051706.pdf
RE2 Resolution 051706.pdf
RE-2 Checklist.pdf

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