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Addison Mizner Elementary Vision Statement


At Addison Mizner we are committed to preparing students to make well-reasoned, thoughtful and healthy life-long decisions in an ever-changing world.


We further believe that all students can learn and be successful, and will provide proper instruction in a supportive environment to meet this goal.


Addison Mizner and its school family values:


Ø   Highest Levels of performance in reading, writing, science and mathematics for all students.

Ø   Increased parental participation in school-related activities

Ø  Technology infused into the curriculum and available to all teachers and students.


The Focus for the 2007-2008 school year will be:


Ø     Increased achievement in literacy, mathematics, science, and writing for all students

Ø     Technology proficient staff and student body, with relevance to instructional strategies

Ø     Students served in the least restrictive environment






August 2007


Dear Addison Mizner Parents and Guardians,


This handbook was written to acquaint you with our policies, procedures and practices for the upcoming year.  It is our hope that you will review the enclosed information, discuss it with your child and contact the school if you have any questions or concerns.  The staff and I are available to assist you any way we can to ensure a smooth communication path between home and school.


We are proud of our school and are celebrating our 9th year of receiving an “A” designation from the state.  This steady growth toward academic excellence has been achieved through the cooperative efforts of teachers, students, support staff, members of the SAC and the PTA, and parents all working together toward a common goal. 


I trust that you will support us in our endeavor to establish and uphold sound practices and procedures for our students and that you will come to feel the same sense of pride that we feel at being a part of the best elementary school in Palm Beach County.



Yours in Education,


Donna C. Binninger








Addison Mizner Elementary School

199 S.W. 12 Avenue, Boca Raton, Florida 33486


Phone: (561) 338-1450

Fax: (561) 338-1453



Hours:        Office Staff:        7:30 a.m. -  4:00 p.m.

                   Teachers:            7:30 a.m.  -  3:00 p.m.

                   Students:             8:00 a.m.  -  2:05 p.m.


                   7:45 a.m. – Students admitted into classrooms

                   8:00 a.m. – Students in their seats; class begins

                   1:50 p.m. – Bus students dismissed

                   2:00 p.m. – Walkers & Bikers dismissed

                   2:05 p.m. – Dismissal for car pick-up and car pool


School Colors:  Royal Blue and White


School Food Service Information:


                   Student breakfast -      $1.00 per day

                   Reduced breakfast -   $  .30 per day

                   Student lunch -            $1.75 per day

                   Reduced lunch-           $  .40 per day

                   Adult lunch-                  $3.00 per day

                   Milk-                              $  .60 per day**

                   Juice-                            $  .50 per day**


**Prices subject to change


Applications for free and reduced lunches are available in the cafeteria office.




Students will be afforded an opportunity to make up work without penalty when absent because of a religious holiday.  Within five days prior to an expected absence for religious reasons, parent(s) / guardian(s) must notify the principal in writing and request that the student be excused from attendance.  A written excuse will not be required upon return to school, and no penalty will be imposed on any student availing herself/himself of this provision.  Students will be permitted to make up missed work according to the school district procedures.




As a service to our parents, School Health and Accident Insurance forms will be sent home the first week of school. If you have questions about this insurance, please contact the company listed on the form.  The school has no involvement with the company and the insurance is at the option of the parent or guardian. THE SCHOOL DOES NOT CARRY INSURANCE TO COVER STUDENT ACCIDENTS.




Addison Mizner Elementary School is accredited by the State Department of Education and by the Southern Association of Schools and Colleges.




It is necessary for the school to have your correct address, zip code, and telephone number as part of your child’s record.   TWO emergency names and telephone numbers must be on file in case the parents cannot be contacted.  If you have an address, work, or home telephone number change, please notify the office IMMEDIATELY by sending a written note to the teacher.  The teacher will have the child bring the note to the office.




The Palm Beach County School System provides an After School Child Care Program for elementary school-age children.  This is a service provided for all parents at a moderate cost.  Your child’s well being, happiness, and safety are our greatest concerns.   Our goal is to provide the best possible after school care that will administer to both the needs and well–being of your child.


Each child attending the After School Child Care Program must have an accurate and up-to-date Registration Form on file in the After School Child Care Program office.  The number of children who are accepted into the program is limited.  Additional information about the program is available by contacting the

SACC Director, Steve Robert, at 338-1476.




Students are not to be on campus before 7:30 a.m.  Please drop children off immediately before and pick them up promptly after their regularly scheduled school day or school activity as NO SUPERVISION IS PROVIDED MORE THAN THIRTY MINUTES BEFORE OR AFTER THE BEGINNING OR ENDING OF SCHOOL OR OTHER SCHOOL SPONSORED ACTIVITY.  The school accepts no responsibility for any injuries or incidents that may occur before or after the hours of the regularly scheduled school day or school activity.  Upon arriving at school, all students are to wait in line in designated areas, which will be assigned at the beginning of the school year.  Students are permitted in the building at 7:45 a.m.




It is important that all children attend school regularly.  On the first day of an absence, the parent or guardian must call the school to report the absence.  Then, when your child returns to school after an absence, please send a note to the school giving the reason for the absence and dates of nonattendance.  Parents must come to the office when requesting their child for early dismissal.  Please do not go to the room directly.


An excused absence is given for student illness, illness or death in the family, and religious holidays.  An unexcused absence is given for truancy, family vacations, and other unnecessary absences.  “Take Your Child to Work Day” is considered to be an excused absence.  However it is still an absence.


Tardies will be monitored and families will receive notification letters in the event of excessive tardiness. Students with more than three tardies during the school year will not be eligible for a perfect attendance award.  It is neither safe nor responsible to drop off tardy students in the parking lot!  Please walk them in to the office and sign them in.





The Principal or a designated representative has the responsibility to develop policies for the control and direction of students while being transported to school or while in the school center.  Principals also have the responsibility of implementing School Board Policies and Superintendent’s Directives.


The Principal or designated representative may suspend a student from the school center or the bus.  In case of suspension, written notice is given to the student’s parent or guardian and to the Superintendent within twenty-four hours of the suspension. 


The Principal or a designated representative may recommend to the Superintendent the expulsion of any student who has committed a serious breach of conduct as described later under the heading “Student Conduct Code.”





Since many students are transported to and from school in private automobiles, care should be taken to prevent accidents and to facilitate loading and unloading students. 


  1. Follow the directions of staff.
  2. Student should be ready to leave car immediately.
  3. A card is available at Open House for car riders.  Please print the last name in large letters.  Place on right visor or right side of front window.
  4. Children must only be let out on the curb side.
  5. Please remain in your car to keep the line moving.
  6. Refrain from using a cell phone while in line.
  7. Remember that this is a “Kiss & Fly Zone”. Do not hold up the line by conversing with the staff. Please arrange for a teacher  conference by phone or note.






Bike gates are locked during school hours only.  Be sure to lock bikes/scooters during school and remove them by 6:00 p.m.  We are not responsible for stolen bikes/scooters.




There is no place students reveal their manners or reflect the training they have received at home more conspicuously than in the lunchroom.  We urge all students to use the cafeteria as a place for pleasant relaxation, conversation, and leisurely eating.  Breakfast is also served from 7:30 – 8:00 a.m.  Free and reduced-price lunch applications may be obtained from the cafeteria office.

All checks should be made out to Addison Mizner Elementary School Cafeteria. 

We expect students to either bring money to purchase lunch at school or to bring lunch from home. We are not prepared to charge lunches.  ALL LUNCHES THAT ARE FORGOTTEN BY STUDENTS SHOULD BE BROUGHT IN TO THE FRONT OFFICE. Students who forget their lunch or money will check in at the front office on their way to lunch. 


The following rules apply to all students while in the cafeteria:


  1. Remain seated during the breakfast /lunch period. 
  2. Use “inside voices”.
  3. Raise hand for help.
  4. Use good manners and leave table, benches and floors clean.
  5. Follow directions of the staff member in charge.




While students may possess wireless communication devices such as cell phones (except for camera phones), they may not use or display such devices at any time on school property or during instructional time. Cell phones should be turned off and kept inside a backpack, purse or other container and may not be used to emit a ring one or other noise. Cell phones will be confiscated by the teacher if they disrupt classroom instruction.




Due to space limitations, we are no longer able to store extra clothing in the clinic or the front office.  Parents should send a change of clothes in a bag that can be kept in the classroom in the event it is needed.  Make sure the bag has the student’s name written on it.




For your child’s protection, please make sure that the office is given a copy of any court documents that affect custody.  Alert us to any changes or concerns; these matters are kept confidential.  We can only uphold a court’s decision if we have documentation on file to guide us, so it is imperative that you provide us with relevant papers as soon as you receive them.




Good citizenship is important and expected.  Your child’s citizenship is a contribution to our school image, our community, our state, and our nation.  Good citizenship is a prerequisite for participation in all activities.  Students who have outstanding citizenship will have an opportunity to serve as Safety Patrols in fifth grade.




Classroom parties are special celebrations that occur various times throughout the year. These events are coordinated by the classroom teacher with the assistance of the room parent. Birthday parties are not permitted at school. This includes the distribution of party favors and balloons. Invitations for private parties may not be distributed on campus during school hours. According to School Board Policy 7.8 (6b), no home-prepared goods are allowed. If parents would like to provide store purchased baked goods for the entire class during their scheduled lunch time in the cafeteria, they may arrange this in advance with the classroom teacher. Due to parking limitations, only one or two room parents will be needed to help organize and run the parties. For liability and safety reasons, siblings or non-students are not permitted at class parties. We appreciate your cooperation as we continue to ensure the safety and well-being of our children and visitors.




Regardless of the progress of your child, a conference with the teacher can make the educational program more valuable. Conferences can be arranged by writing a note to the teacher, or calling the school to leave a message for the teacher. Some teachers may only check their mailbox once a day, so please allow 24 hours for your call to be returned. Impromptu conferences before school are not acceptable. Prior to contacting the administration concerning behavior or academic issues, the parent/guardian must conference with the teacher about the specific issue.



As is the case in many states, Florida law also makes the parent responsible, within limits, for any damage to school property as a result of the child’s action.  Section 741.24 Florida Statute authorizes recovery of civil damages not to exceed $1,000.00 from the parent of any child who willfully destroys any property, real or personal, belonging to the school district.




All visitors on campus MUST report to the office when entering school grounds.  DO NOT PROCEED DIRECTLY TO THE CLASSROOM.  No student will be excused from class for early dismissal after 1:30 p.m.  Please help us to protect instructional time by NOT signing your child out of school before the scheduled dismissal time.  Students will be excused from class prior to 1:30 providing they have a note explaining the different dismissal procedure. Unless there is a true emergency, the office staff will not buzz into the classroom at the end of the day to announce a change in pick-up plans for your child. All dismissal changes must be arranged with your child ahead of time. 




The circular driveway in front of the cafeteria is only for buses and afternoon car pools registered with the PTA. 


The front parking lot (nearest the office) is not to be used for student drop-off or pick-up.  ALL STUDENTS being transported should be picked up and dropped off ONLY behind the school in the back parking lot by 3rd St. and NOT on adjacent streets or private property.  Due to traffic congestion, we strongly encourage carpooling. 


The lane nearest the parking area is for moving vehicles only.  The lane by the curb is for stopping, not parking.  A parked vehicle in this lane holds up all traffic.  Students must be dropped off or picked up at the curb to ensure safety.


In order to increase campus security, the back parking lot will remain locked during the day.


Visitors will not be permitted in the classrooms before school. Students are expected to be in their seats and ready to begin the school day promptly at 8:00. If you wish to speak to a teacher, please call ahead to schedule a conference.




Students should come to school dressed in appropriate attire and be well-groomed. Research indicates that student dress can have a significant effect on student achievement. Clothing should be clean and neat in appearance and hair should be neatly groomed.  If a student’s style or manner of dress becomes a disruptive factor, a safety hazard or exhibits impropriety, the administration shall discreetly ask that it be changed. Students are not permitted to wear/exhibit the following:

  1. Clothing that would be considered a safety hazard such as large earrings, strapless shoes, heels, or cleats. Students may not go barefoot.
  2. Sunglasses and hats, except during PE and/or recess.
  3. Shoes with wheels in the soles.
  4. Bodily markings or hair colors which disrupt the learning environment.


Order forms are available through the PTA, and clothing can be purchased in retail stores and catalogues.  The Unified Dress Code includes:













Polo Style Shirts


Solid Colors ONLY




Collar and Buttons



Royal Blue

School Logo



Light Blue



T-shirts for field trips


Mandatory available




from PTA















Navy Blue

Solid Colors ONLY




Straight Cut/Chino










Skirts, shorts, skorts and jumpers


Finger tip length






Closed Shoes

Colors not specified

Sneakers are encouraged for safety.










Palm Beach County allows schools to participate in a uniform dress code and Addison Mizner parents overwhelmingly approved the adoption of a Unified Dress Code, which went into effect in August, 2002.  All students are expected to adhere to the required dress code. If you have any questions regarding the mandatory dress code, please call the school at 338-1450.






Students entering Palm Beach County public schools for the first time must present the following at the time of registration:


  1. A valid birth certificate or other documentation (Florida Statute 232.03)
  2. Certification of a physical examination, to be submitted within 30 days if not available at the time of registration (Florida Statute 232.0315).  An appointment card must be presented when registering if physical has not yet occurred.
  3. A certificate of immunization (Florida Statute 232.032)
  4. Proof of residence- new residents of Florida must provide 2 proofs of residence.
  5. Social Security number- if no Social Security number is available, the identification number assigned by the district will be used.




  1. Entering first grade students must attain the age of 6 on or before September 1 of the school year for which entry is sought.
  2. Students must have been enrolled in a public kindergarten and meet the district’s Student Progression Plan.
  3. Students transferring from non-public kindergartens must meet these additional requirements:
    1. Must attain the age of 6 on or before September 1 of the school year for which entry is sought.
    2. Must have a letter verifying satisfactory completion of kindergarten requirements from the non-public school.




Field trips are planned by the teacher and approved by the principal.  They provide an opportunity for students to experience first-hand some of the material they have studied in the classroom. Substitute teachers will not be permitted to chaperone a trip. 


Parents will be notified when class field trips are planned and a permission slip will be sent home.  Written permission signed by the parent or guardian is required and must be at the school before a child may participate in any field trip.  Permission by telephone will not be accepted. If a child exhibits disruptive or inappropriate behavior while on a field trip, the child may lose the privilege of attending future field trips or will be required to be accompanied by his/her parent for remaining field trips for that particular year..


For liability and safety reasons, siblings and non-students are not permitted to attend field trips.


School T-shirts are to be worn on all field trips.




Drills will be held ten times per year.  Each person will walk quietly and quickly to the assigned area during drills.


The teacher will accompany the class and check roll to account for each child.

Fire drill rules are:

  1. Everyone will walk, not run.

2.      No talking is permitted.

3.      Students re-enter the building after the “all clear” signal is given.

  1. Students working in areas other than their classrooms should go with a supervising adult to the outdoor areas and the child then joins his or her  class.



The school district also requires the school to conduct other emergency drills.  The alerts are Code Yellow, Code Red, Code Blue and Code White.  They are called because of possible unsafe situations.


Code Yellow – All classroom doors are locked. Limited movement by Crisis Response Team only.


Code Red – All classroom doors are locked.  NO movement on the campus.


Code Blue – Campus Evacuated or Shelter in Place


Code White (Bomb Threat) – Campus may be evacuated or locked down.



In the event of an actual code yellow, red, blue or white, we ask that you remain calm.  The staff has procedures in place to deal with each emergency and we will keep you apprised of the situation. Please park your car in the Publix Shopping Center and walk to the school or church in the event emergency vehicles are needed.




Any student who becomes ill or injured during the school day is sent to the clinic by the classroom teacher.  If a child’s oral temperature is 99.6 degrees or above, the nurse must send the child home.  It is important that the school office have a telephone number where you can be reached during the day.  SHOULD THE EMERGENCY NUMBER CHANGE AT ANY TIME DURING THE YEAR, PLEASE PROVIDE THE SCHOOL OFFICE WITH THE NEW NUMBER.


We do not administer medication without a completed authorization form.  We are not permitted to diagnose. 


In case of an accident, serious illness, or other emergency, please be assured that appropriate action will be taken.


We are extremely fortunate to have a nurse provided by Boca Raton Community Hospital from 8:00 a.m. – 2:05 p.m.  HER DIRECT NUMBER IS: (561) 362-4581




1.         AMOUNT


            Homework will be given 3 to 5 times per week.  Following are guidelines

            for the duration of each grade level’s mandatory assignments.  These

            include long-term assignments and assigned independent reading.


                        Kindergarten:                        10 to 15 minutes per night

                        1st Grade:                               15 to 20 minutes per night

                        2nd Grade:                              20 to 30 minutes per night

                        3rd Grade:                               30 to 40 minutes per night

                        4th Grade:                               40 to 50 minutes per night

                        5th Grade:                               50 to 60 minutes per night


2.         GOALS


            Homework is an integral part of the educational program.  It can

            reinforce learning, contribute to the student’s success in school by

            helping him or her to develop a better sense of responsibility, good

            study habits, and a desire for learning.  It also can serve as a vital

            link between school and home.


            Homework should be meaningful and purposeful.  Assignments should reinforce previously learned concepts or skills studied that day.  Homework should demonstrate to students a relevancy of what they learn in school to the real world, and help them become lifelong independent learners.


3.         MAKE-UP WORK


            Students may make up missed class work. Contact the teacher through

            a note or phone call.  Make-up work can be picked up at the main office 24 hours after your request.  Request for make-up work should be made by 9:00 a.m.




     a)  Check your child’s planner EVERY NIGHT for communication from the teacher.

     b)  Make it clear that you know homework is important.

     c)  Provide a quiet, well-lighted location conducive to study.

     d)  Provide as many resource materials as you can (magazines, newspapers, dictionaries, reference books, and working tools such as paper, pencils, a computer).

     e)  Don’t do your child’s homework, but be available to go over directions and to check work.

     f)  Inform the teacher if difficulties are experienced during the completion of assigned homework, as further instruction may be warranted.

    g)  Look over the homework to see if the assignment is completed.

     h)  Make arrangements to secure assignments when your child is absent for a period of time.

      i)  Notify the teacher when family circumstances prevent completion of homework assignments.

     j)   Ask your child to explain the homework to you.

     k)  Praise your child’s efforts when the homework is done well.




            Homework will be checked for completion and accuracy and will be used as part of ongoing student assessment.





The following items are not to be brought onto school grounds: trading cards, chewing gum, video, electronic and other types of games, toys, pets, animals, skateboards, skates, rollerblades, shoes with wheels in the soles, VCR /DVD tapes, cassette players, radios, CD players, knives or weapons of any kind. Failure to adhere to this policy could result in serious consequences, up to and including suspension or expulsion from school.




Parents are encouraged to label all items belonging to their child.  All lost and found items will be kept in the cafeteria or the Afterschool portable for a limited time. Periodically, items will be displayed in front of the cafeteria to be identified by students. Please label your child’s clothing with permanent marking pen so that lost items may be returned promptly.  ANY ITEMS LEFT OVER AT THE END OF EACH 12 WEEK GRADING PERIOD WILL BE DONATED TO A CHARITABLE ORGANIZATION.




The Media Center is open from 7:45 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.  Students may return books as they go to class in the morning or when they leave school in the afternoon.


Rules in the Media Center:


  1. Walk
  2. Talk softly
  3. Push chairs under the table
  4. Handle books carefully
  5. Return books on time





The Palm Beach County School Board Policy for authorization of medication for students during the school day is as follows:


  1. Medication to be given to a student during the school day must be arranged through the nurse and will be kept in the clinic.  Requests from a parent or guardian for their child to receive medication during school hours must be made by submitting to the school a completed “Physician’s Authorization of Medication for a Student at School” form which details the name of the drug, dosage, and time interval for the medication which the student is to receive.  This form requires a physician’s signature and contains a statement of parental permission, which must be signed by parent / guardian.  A separate “Authorization of Medication for a student at School” form must be submitted for each medication a student is to receive.  This applies to prescription and non-prescription medication.  THE SCHOOL NURSE DOES NOT HAVE THE MEDICATION FORMS AT SCHOOL.
  2. The medication, which has been prescribed by the physician, must be brought to school in its original container properly labeled by the pharmacy or by the physician.
  3. Non prescription medication cannot be taken by students without a physician’s authorization form.




The school newsletter, The Marlin Mirror, is an important communication link; your child should bring it home every other Friday.




(1)       Because schools bring large numbers of children into close contact daily,  pediculosis, or head lice, is one kind of communicable disease that can be easily transmitted from one person to another.  Control depends on prompt case finding, proper management of each case, effective treatment, and prevention of the spread of the disease.


(2)       Pediculosis is an extremely contagious condition of the hair which can be transmitted from student to student in a very short period of time.  Head lice dwell only in the hair and scalp and lay their eggs (nits) on the shafts of the hair.  Head lice are often difficult to see, but the nits are small, white, tear-shaped eggs which can easily be seen with the naked eye.  In seven to ten days, the young lice emerge as miniature replicas of the adults.


(3)       The principal is responsible for implementing the following procedure when the presence of pediculosis in the student body is suspected:


(a)       Contact the parents and temporarily exclude from school any student who is found to have head lice or nits.  The school nurse will provide for the parent a sheet of instructions for treating head lice.


(b)       Arrange for the readmission of any students found to have head lice after they are determined to be free of lice by the school nurse or such evidence from another nurse or physician.


(c)        Arrange for the decontamination of any suspected materials, furniture, or school spaces which have been exposed to head lice or nits.





For the safety and well-being of all students, dogs and pets are not permitted on campus. Many children are fearful or have allergies, and some animals may become aggressive in large crowds. Please help us to maintain a safe and orderly campus by keeping your pets at home.




Within each trimester, teachers shall provide each student a progress report

explaining progress to date.  This report shall be issued during the middle week

of the marking period, or any time thereafter when a student’s mark drops to

failing.  Do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher if you have questions or





Promotion is determined by the continuous progress a student has made in

Reading, Mathematics, Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies. Other factors, such as maturity and developmental progress may be considered.



Students in grade 3 must be retained per Florida Statute 232.245 if they:


Ø      Have been identified as deficient (considerably or substantially below

grade level) in reading in grades 1, 2, or 3, and

Ø      Score in level 1 on the FCAT Reading with performance tasks, and

Ø      Score below the 51st percentile on the alternate state norm-referenced test (SAT9).

Students enrolled in approved special programs such as Exceptional Student

Education (ESE), English for Speakers of Other Languages

(ELL), and transitional programs are considered to have met promotion requirements if they demonstrate continuous progress toward achievement of the special program’s objectives.  Students mainstreamed into the regular classroom from these approved special programs should be allotted an extended period of time to meet regular program promotion requirements.




Please make plans in advance with your children so that they know what to do when it is raining at dismissal time.




Students WILL NOT be released by the principal or representative to persons other than parents or guardians unless the identity and authority of the person has been established by either written or oral notification from the parent or guardian.  The release request shall be denied unless the person(s) provide(s) proper identification.  PARENTS ARE NOT TO GO TO THE CLASSROOM TO PICK UP CHILDREN.  You must report to the office.  This is for your child’s protection.




Report cards are issued electronically three times per year. The purpose of the report is to inform parents of their child’s performance in relation to the Sunshine State Standards and Grade Level Expectations. Administration reviews all report cards before distribution.

A district-wide standards-based K-5 reporting system has been developed for implementation in all elementary schools to address expected levels of performance for students by grade level. This report will be used to “notify parents/guardians when a student is working at a skill level below that of his or her assigned grade placement.” ( F.S. 233.051)

Marks are based on the quality of student performance relative to expected levels of achievement of the Florida Sunshine State Standards.  Quality of work will be assessed by multiple measures that include, but are not limited to, assessments (essay, multiple choice and completion tests, oral tests and skill tests requiring demonstration), alternative methods ( portfolios and performance assessment), teacher observations (oral presentations or reports, speeches, recitations, impromptu speaking and demonstrations). A marking grade is not based solely on a single project and a sufficient number of grades will be recorded to justify the grade.

Recorded marks will not be changed without a thorough review of the reasons and approval of the principal.

Marks are not required for a student without transfer grades who enters a class within 15 days of the end of the marking period.

Homework and behavior are important to a student’s academic progress. They are evaluated independently and are reported to parents in the “Student Conduct and Behavior” section of the report card.

ESE and ELL students should have the opportunity to earn grades that are  equivalent to the grades earned by general education students.




Any requests for money from a student shall be in writing, addressed to the student’s parent or legal guardian, and shall clearly state: (a) no penalty of any type will be imposed against the student based upon failure to pay; (b) no student shall be denied the right to participate for failure to pay; (c) the principal may forego a planned activity or use of a particular item based upon the collection of insufficient funds to cover the cost of the item or activity; and (d) this request is for a voluntary payment.




We encourage parent participation in our school and we welcome your assistance as volunteers. However, requests to observe in your child’s classroom are discouraged due to the disruption of the instructional day. Any requests must be made to the principal in writing noting the reasons for doing so. Requests will be reviewed. One-on-one conferences with the teacher are strongly suggested.




Members monitor busy crossings around campus, bicycle racks and school corridors to ensure the safety of other students.  Frequently, safety patrols are called on to serve at special events, such as registration and Open House.  Patrols take pride in their responsibility and we expect other students to respond courteously to them.  AS ROLE MODELS FOR THE STUDENT POPULATION, PATROLS ARE EXPECTED TO BE IN DRESS CODE WHENEVER THEY WEAR THEIR BELTS.


Safety Patrol members are selected based on their excellent citizenship, teacher and administration recommendations, and their attendance record.  Patrols who do not obey all school rules will be dismissed.  Each spring, the Palm Beach County Safety Patrol travels to Washington, D.C.  Patrols who have served a full twelve weeks are eligible to participate.




Under Florida law, a student is under the control and direction of the School District during the following times: (a) while being transported to or from school at public expense; (b) while attending school; (c) while physically present at a school activity, or physically on the property or in a facility which is owned by or operated under the jurisdiction of the School Board; and (d) during a reasonable time before and after the student is on the premises for attendance at school or for authorized participation in a school-sponsored activity, and only when on the premises. The term “reasonable time” may mean 30 minutes before or after the activity is scheduled or actually begins or ends, whichever period is longer.




Individual and class pictures will be taken in the fall and spring.  Parents will be notified in advance of these dates.




From time to time, requests are received from parents asking permission to allow the children of their visiting relatives and friends to attend classes at the school. Student visitors are not permitted to visit during the school day for liability and safety reasons.




Office telephones are constantly in use for school business; students MAY NOT use an office telephone to call home unless there is an emergency.




Each year students participate in standardized testing programs.


A good breakfast and adequate sleep and rest are essential in helping your child perform at his/her optimal level.  Please cooperate with us in these areas.




It is essential that students exercise care in the use of assigned textbooks and assume responsibility for their return when completed.  Books will be assigned to them by number and condition.  Students and parents are expected to assume financial responsibility for any textbook assigned to them which is lost or damaged.  Book covers are most helpful for book protection.  Please cooperate with us.  A school textbook letter will be sent home by each classroom teacher with textbook fees.





All parents and visitors to the school MUST report to the office first before going

to the classroom or any other area on campus to receive a visitors pass to wear.

This helps to ensure the safety of all students and to minimize classroom



Parents are welcome to volunteer in the classrooms.  However, please

understand that this is not a time for a conference with the teacher.  Parents

should not attempt to talk with the teacher or paraprofessional during the classroom visit since this tends to disrupt and interfere with the instructional program.








All parents / grandparents are encouraged to join the volunteer program as a

room parent, chaperone, media assistant, helper for a classroom teacher, clinic

aide or as a worker on special projects.  Your help is needed and welcomed!

Please log into our office computer prior to volunteering. This helps us earn and document volunteer hours for various school-community recognition. Parent volunteers may not bring preschoolers when volunteering in a classroom. This includes parties, field days, field trips, etc. All parents and volunteers who serve as field trip chaperones must complete an on-line volunteer application and have a background check. The background check must be completed BEFORE going on a field trip. Applications must be completed at least two weeks prior to volunteering, in order to allow time for processing. Please call the school for more information on volunteer opportunities.




1.         Students who walk to and from school should plan the shortest and safest way to go home.

2.         Parents should plan ahead for rainy days since the office telephone is not available for calls until after dismissal time.  Parents, please let your child know how to get home on rainy days.

3.         Students should leave the building when dismissed by classroom teachers.

4.         Always cross driveways and streets at a crosswalk.






The parent or guardian shall notify the school at least a day in advance of a

student’s withdrawal so that the parent may be made aware of any outstanding debt or student materials. Upon receipt of all outstanding items,

pertinent information such as health, immunizations, special programs, and

grade levels in mathematics and reading will be made available to the parent or

new school.  This will assist in a smooth transition to another school.  The

student’s records will be forwarded upon that school’s request.  A child may not enter a new school in Palm Beach County without a transfer card.




Addison Mizner’s web site is

Parents and students can access FCAT Explorer and Riverdeep by clicking on the links on the home page.


Classroom teachers can communicate with their students and families through and Edline.  You can log on to all the school, department and

district web sites as well as consult thousands of documents on-line.  Everything

from school grades and boundaries to new schools, homework links and

employment information is available.  Learning Tools is an easy way to access

some great educational sites and search engines.  Just click on the link at the

web site menu.  Computers are available to the parents at District headquarters

as well as here in our media center. Please take advantage of these opportunities to stay informed and involved in

your child’s school life.