About Our School

 Mission Statement
U.B. Kinsey/Palmview Elementary School of the Arts will provide an outstanding education centered on artistic excellence in concert with high academic achievement that will inspire and challenge today’s students to attain proficiency at their grade level and be prepared to progress to the next grade level, in order to lead them into a future of productive citizenship and lifelong learning in our diverse and dynamic world.

Vision Statement
U.B. Kinsey/Palmview Elementary School of the Arts stakeholders believe that children should become productive citizens in a multi-cultural world by enriching academic and personal development through the Arts.  For all students to achieve their individual potential, they should be:

  • exhibiting appropriate behavior at all times, while striving to attain their highest potential.

  • communicating effectively through various modes of expression.

  • developing their strengths through the Arts in their overall learning experiences.

  • building and enhancing multicultural development.

  • learning through "hands-on" activities.

  • accessing information through a variety of experiences utilizing technology and the arts.

  • applying/transferring knowledge to life skills.

  • reading for meaning and enjoyment in directed as well as informal settings on a daily basis.

  • developing skills as listeners, speakers, readers, writers, and viewers through an interdisciplinary curriculum.

  • working in a collaborative atmosphere of mutual trust and respect to achieve specific goals.

  • making critical decisions through creative problem solving, both independently and cooperatively.

U.B. Kinsey/Palmview Elementary School of the Arts is a public elementary magnet school serving Kindergarten through Fifth grade students.  The vast majority of students enrolled at UBK live within the school attendance boundary located near the school. U.B. Kinsey began as Industrial High School, became a middle school, and is currently an elementary school.  Named after its beloved principal, Mr. U.B. Kinsey, in 1994 it became the arts magnet school "U.B. Kinsey/Palmview Elementary School of the Arts."  It is located at 800 11th Street, West Palm Beach, FL, 33401.   Directions to the school are:  Exit I-95 at Palm Beach Lakes Blvd. east.   Travel east past the Palm Beach Mall, past Congress Ave, past Australian Ave, and past Tamarind Ave.  Turn right at the top of the hill onto Division Street.  Turn right into the parking lot and park in a "Visitor's" space.

Fine Arts Schedule

Every child is given the opportunity to experience all the arts offered at UBK.  Those arts include Computer Graphics, Dance, Drama, Music, Physical Education, Spanish, TV. Production and Visual Arts.  Each grade level visits the fine art areas on a "Fine Arts Schedule".  In order for no Fine Art area to be missed on a non-school day, we are on a five day rotation.  For example, a classroom will have Music on day 1 , Computer Graphics on day 2, Dance on day 3, Theater on day 4, and Visual Art on day 5.   Some of the Fine Arts are semester classes and some are full year classes depending on the area and the grade level.  In the case of Visual Art and Music, students visit one teacher the first semester, and the other teacher the second semester.

The studio class is an optional class in which students refine their talent.   Students in grades 3-5 are given the opportunity to choose one or two art areas in which they feel the most comfortable and have demonstrated the most talent.  These classes are at the end of the school day, and occur twice a week for 60 minutes each.  A full list of studio classes is available by clicking Studio Classes below.

Application Information

Magnet students are selected by a computer lottery system based on available space.  Applications are available at the school, or by calling 561-802-2145.  Applications may also be obtained from the District Magnet Office located in Suite A-242, 3318 Forest Hill Blvd, West Palm Beach, FL, 33406.

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