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Little Sharks

The preschool program, Little Sharks, is open to children in the surrounding area. Under the guidance of adult teachers, the high school 'Big Sharks' enrolled in the Early Childhood Teacher Education Academy have an opportunity to work with your child developing skills for learning. Little Sharks need to be three years and daytime potty-trained. The preschool is open 7-4 Mondaythrough Friday and on teacher work days. Tuition qualifies for tax reduction credit. For more information or to arrange a tour, please call:  561.241.2031.

2015 SRCHS Pathfinder Nominees

ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE                                   ARYEH LEVIN ART                                                                    MICHELA MUGNATTO BUSINESS                                                         ALEXANDER DECKLER               COMMUNICATIONS                                            LINDSAY MANGINES 
COMPUTER SCIENCE                                        MYLES FERTEL DRAMA                                                              SHAYNA SILVERMAN
FOREIGN LANGUAGE                                        CHRISTIAN OCAMPO
FORENSICS/SPEECH                                        JORGE CLAVO
HISTORY/POLITICAL SCIENCE                          SAVANNAH SHEPARD LITERATURE                                                     BAILEY MORTON
MATH                                                                PRESTON HUANG
MUSIC/INSTRUMENTAL                                     ALEX PICARD           
MUSIC/VOCAL                                                   SYDNEY THABET
REACH FOR EXCELLENCE                                JACOB HOROWITZ         SCIENCE                                                           MARGO ORLEN
SPORTS                                                            ERIC FAGERLI
TECHNICAL/VOCATIONAL                                 SOFIA PEREZ ARRUBLA          

New Student Registration Information

Please contact the Guidance office to schedule a registration appointment at
561-241-22​09 and 561-241-2210​

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Attention Juniors and Seniors

Attention seniors and juniors:  Applications for the fall 2014 admission of the National Honor Society are now available in the main office. Applications are due by 3:00 p.m. on December 5th.  There will be no exceptions.

In The Click Contest Has Begun

The "In the Click" Contest has begun. This contest is held annually by the Dori Slosberg Foundation . The contest is between 3 other Palm Beach County high schools (Boca High, West Boca and Wellington High school). The goal is to decrease the percentage of cars with unbuckled drivers and passengers. The winning school will receive a donation towards Project Graduation.

The Dori Slosberg Foundation is a non-governmental, not for profit, public service organization dedicated to traffic safety. The foundation is named in memory of Dori Slosberg the daughter of State Representative Irving “Irv” Slosberg, whose life tragically ended when the car she was in crashed while she was unbuckled.

Last Monday we had volunteers at morning drop off counting cars with unbuckled passengers. We found 15% of our drivers and passengers were not wearing their seat belts. The school has been promoting seat belt safety all week through morning announcements. In addition, we encourage all our parents to visit the Dori Slosberg website at http://dorislosberg.org with their child to learn about her story. The foundation mission is educate the public on the importance of traffic safety to save lives.

Volunteers will be out there again on Friday, November 14 to recount unbuckled drivers and passengers. We hope after a week of educating our students about the importance of seat belt safety our percentage will be at ZERO! Let's work together in getting the message out to our children and parents!!

SRHCS Winter Sports

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SRCHS Online Auction

Beginning on November 25, 2014, Spanish River High School PTSA will be holding an online auction to raise much needed funds. 

We need your support!
We're asking you to participate in one of the following ways...

We need Auction items to add to our auction. If you have valuable merchandise, rare collectibles, business or personal services or access to unique events, we need your contribution today. Please contact us at www.riverptsa@aol.com.

Tell Your Friends.
Do you know someone who would be interested in supporting our cause?  Please share the news of Spanish River PTSA's online auction with your friends so they can be part of the excitement. Refer a Friend to our auction so they can get involved.

Thank you in advance for your continued support! We look forward to your item donation and online bids!

Need a Blue Pass?

Parents, please call student services at (561) 241 - 2215 in order to issue a blue pass.

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The Spanish River Mission

We, the Spanish River Staff, commit to maintain a Center of Excellence including: