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I was educated, trained, and certified to be an engineer.


But my soul was that of a teacher/ educator. This is why I want to teach.


Why I Want To Teach

Our modern world has created many areas where one can enter and have an impact on the society in which we live. You can pursue fame, fortune, or just the piece of mind that comes from knowing that you have made an important contribution to society.

Teaching is one area where your impact can have the most far-reaching effect. A teacher is in a position to inspire students to be all that they can be. I can envision myself as a teacher with the power to unlock the hidden potential of any and all students. I personally believe that all students can be turned on to learn and succeed if the teacher is determined and persistent in his or her efforts to find that one spark that all students need to ignite their genuine thurst for knowledge.

I am not niave enough to think that the task of a teacher is easy or that every case will result in immediate success. I do know that the opportunity to find and develop the desire for learning will pay off by making better students and ultimately a better society. A teacher can have this kind of effect by taking advantage of the opportunity with some while attempting to inspire all.

Yes, I want to become a teacher, not for the great pay, nor for the praise of my students, but for the opportunity to do something that would enable others the opportunity to as the army says, "be all that they can be." For I strongly believe in the slogan of the United Negro College Fund; "A mind is a terrible thing to waste."

By: John Bowers

November 1993