Accelerated Reader is a computerized series of reading tests that focuses on reading comprehension. Reading comprehension is the one area that our students are very low on as measured by the 4th Grade FCAT. Currently, we use Star Reading which evaluates a child's comprehension and assigns a Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD). The ZPD is given as a grade level range which is the identified academic range where maximum learning will take place. The Word document format allows you to print just those pages with book titles in your child's ZPD. Please meet with your child's reading teacher to obtain the ZPD for your child. Accelerated Reader books are available for check out at the school library and also at the Belle Glade Public Library. Please note: The Library Staff at our public library is very happy to work with parents and teachers to order books that are not currently available on their shelves. REMEMBER: Accelerated Reader is part of our School Improvement Plan and should be supported to ensure that our students have the best opportunity to improve their reading comprehension. The record form can be printed and used to record your child's progress.
Accelerated Reader Test List - ZPD Reading Level (text file)
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