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 ...Soaring on the Wings of Excellence...

"The Eagles Landing Team"

Administration and Staff

Mr. Ira Margulies, Principal

Assistant Principals:
Mrs. Lori Vogel, 6th Grade Assistant Principal
Mrs. Kristi Mandravellos, 7th Grade Assistant Principal
Mrs. Nereyda Astiasaran-Perez, 8th Grade Assistant Principal

Ms. Jean Redinger, 6th Grade Guidance
Ms. Lisa Silverman, 7th Grade Guidance
Mr. Lance Gondek, 8th Grade Guidance

Administrative Office Staff:
Ms. Patti Golbin, Secretary
Ms. Nancy Stanton, School Treasurer
Ms. Cindy Grubisa, Data Processor
Ms. Gilda Corrales, School Sec. Clerk (6th Grade & Guidance)
Ms. Cathy Davanzo, School Sec. Clerk (Main Office)
Ms. Celeste Schreiner, School Sec. Clerk (Attendance)
Ms. Patricia Smith, School Sec Clerk (Main Office)

Custodial Staff
Mr. Luis Lasso, Foreperson

Eagles Landing Cafeteria:
Ms. Connie DeWall, Manager

School Police
Officer Gary Kaufman

Faculty - Look for teachers with hyperlinks!
Department Heads 6th Grade  7th Grade  8th Grade   Electives  ESE   ESOL

Department Heads

Athletic Director
Mr. John Ferguson
ESE Department
Mrs. Lynn Retteen, ESE Coordinator
Fine Arts
Language Arts
Ms. Debbi Lunin
Math Department
Ms. Stacy Ardis, Co-Chair
Ms. Vikki Byrd, Co-Chair
Media Center
Ms. Lisa Johnson, Media Specialist
Mr. Hursting, Media Clerk
Physical Education
Ms. Deborah Fuerstenberg
Science Department
Mr. Jerry O'Donnell
Social Studies
Mrs. Lynne Getch
Vocational Department
Mrs. Deborah Miller, Technology Coordinator

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Grade 6

Mrs. Arnold, Math
Mrs. Byrd, Math
Mr. Gamelin, Social Studies, Language Arts
Mrs. Lepera, Math, Strategies
Ms. Mangili, Language Arts
Mrs. Menzer, Language Arts
Mrs. Miller, Science
Mrs. Ogrodnik, Science
Ms. Phillips, Social Studies
Mrs. Saupe, Social Studies
Mrs. Silver, Language Arts, Strategies
Mrs. Thews, Math
Mrs. Tabachnick, Science, Language Arts
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Grade 7

Mrs. M. Campbell, Language Arts
Ms. Crawford, Social Studies
Mr. Dolandis, Science
Mr. Foltz, Science
Mrs. Fruechtenicht, Math, Strategies
Mrs. Getch, Social Studies
Ms. Giannakopulas, Math
Ms. Humm, Language Arts
Mr. Kashdan, Language Arts, Strategies
Ms. Lunin, Language Arts
Ms. Ritaccio, Math
Mr. Santa Coloma, Math
Mrs. Sladicka, Social Studies
Mr. Torres, Language Arts
Ms. Tuby, Science
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Grade 8

Ms. Ardis, Math
Ms. S. Campbell, Language Arts
Mrs. Catalano, Science
Mrs. Constantine, Science
Mr. Crout, Social Studies
Mr. Ferguson, Math, Strategies
Ms. Frank, Math
Mr. Gibson, Social Studies
Mrs. Hoekzema, Math
Mrs. Louper, Social Studies
Ms. Marchitello, Math
Mrs. Nyahay, Language Arts
Mr. O'Donnell, Science
Mrs. Singer, Language Arts
Mrs. Wasserman, Math
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Ms. Berger, Art
Ms. Berger, Intensive Math
Mr. Egan, Band, Critical Thinking
Mrs. Fuerstenberg, PE
Ms. Graves, Chorus, Critical Thinking
Mrs. Hernandez, Reading
Ms. Littlechild, Art
Mrs. Miller, Yearbook
Mr. Morgan, PE
Mr. Plumadore, Technology
Ms. Reno, Family and Consumer Science
Mr. Schade, PE
Mrs. Shelley, Spanish
Mrs. Shimmel, Marketing
Ms. Tavalaro, Family and Consumer Science
Ms. Verzaal, Business
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Ms. Bloom, Language Arts
Ms. Cohen, Math
Mr. Ferguson, Strategist
Mr. Fleisher, ALP, Speech
Mr. Fruechtenicht, Social Studies
Mrs. Fruechtenicht, Strategist
Mr. Kashdan
Mrs. MacIntyre, All Academics
Ms. Parr, All Academics
Mrs. Reck, All Academics
Mrs. Reeves, Social Studies, Math

Mrs. Silver
Ms. Alyse Stoll
Mrs. Watkins, Science
Mrs. Zerulik, Science
Ms. Boyle, Paraprofessional
Ms. Gonzalez, Behavioral Intervention Asst.
Ms. McLoughlin, ESE Office Asst.
Ms. Rosemary Wilzman, Paraprofessional
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Mr. Olinick, Social Studies
Mr. Rodrigues, Math
Ms. Singer, Language Arts
Mr. Tyler, Science
Ms. Moran, Community Language Facilitator
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