Binks Forest
Elementary School

Ms. Rahe


Dear Parents:

You are encouraged to give medicine before or after school hours if at all possible. Students may not self-medicate with over the counter medications (even cough drops). A parent may report to the office for a child to be excused from class so that the parent can administer medicine.

Teachers may not hold or dispense any medication. All medications must be handled through the school office.

Any medication which is given during the school day must be in accordance with the following Palm Beach County School Board Policy for authorization of medication for students during the school day.

1. Request from a parent or guardian for permission for their child to receive medication during school hours must be accompanied by written permission signed by the parent or guardian.  A physician's signature is required on the PHYSICIAN'S AUTHORIZATION OF MEDICATION FOR A STUDENT AT SCHOOL FORM (PBSD - 0257) which details the name of the drug, dosage, and time interval for the medication which the student is to receive. No medication can be dispensed without this form. These forms are available at any physician's office in Palm Beach County. Under no circumstances are any drugs to be dispensed which have not been prescribed by a physician and with respect to which parental permission has not been obtained.

2. The medication which has been prescribed by the physician must be brought to school in a container appropriately labeled by the pharmacy or by the physician.

Please submit a wallet-sized photograph of your child so that he/she can be correctly identified before medication is administered.

Parents are encouraged to schedule dental or medical appointments after school hours whenever possible. However, students may be excused for an appointment if an after-school appointment cannot be arranged. If it becomes necessary to take your child out of school for any reason, a signed parental note to the teacher is necessary. Parents must also sign the release of Student Form in the office when picking up your child. Because the principal is legally responsible for a student's safety, a child may not be released to walk home alone or to ride a bicycle home as a result of a phone call from the parent.

Ms. Rahe R.N.